SSHT (Secure SHell Tracker)

SSHT was inspired by BPWS in that it's a nice simple Bash script that helps keep track of stuff.
After I realized that I needed something to help me keep track of all my SSH connection (several using non standard ports) I decided to create SSHT. This program will also help you with that. For the first release it can only be run in the Shell. Which is where you want to be anyways. I am working on a version that will use ncurses to look perty and hopefully more functional. Then after that I will create a GTK or wxWidgets GUI Frontend.

To download please visit our SourceForge external link page to download.

For your ease of viewing click here to see the README file.

Here are some screen shots from version 1.2 (it looks the same) to show how easy this program is to use
Main screen. Some items are blured for my protection. ^_^
main screen
Adding a new Connection
add screen
Adding a new Expert Connection
add expert screen
Editing a Connection
edit screen
Deleting a Connection
remove screen
Editing the Options! New Feature!
edit options