Revo is FAST! Check out the specs, video, and pics!

First off, I want to point out that this computer is NOT a super fast machine. It features:
-A dual-core AMD Athlon II x2 255 Regor 3.1GHz
-Built in video 256MB Shared Memory
-50GB Revo drive (4x PCI Express)
-500GB Seagate HD (SATA2)
-LG DVD Burner (SATA)
-32bit Windows 7... wait, 32bit? Yep, here is why.
Due to the changes in the installer for early versions of Windows Seven, the 64 Bit system requires a digital signature for it's drivers. In later versions this is addressed, but this installation was done with an Original Windows Seven 64 Ultimate disk that required a digital signature. When a more recent version was used, it would actually complete the install and freeze seconds after the initial boot and every subsequent boot. As it turns out the 32 bit version does not require such a signature and the drivers actually work once they are installed. After a fair bit of looking and the help of an invaluable friend we found drivers that allegedly would work. These were also later to be found sketchy and subject to freezing. Hopefully, OCZ will produce a more stable driver in the future. The entire build, if you discount the time spent working on the 64 bit drivers, was less than an hour from OEM boxes to loaded Windows desktop.
When watching this video, please ignore the guy that brings his box into the shop to be repaired and the considerable hum coming from the rack of servers next to this workstation.

Watch on YouTube for the 720P version!
Note: Once BIOS goes by (delayed because of the KVM) boot time until ready to use in less than 12 seconds!!!

If you hate YouTube, or have issues streaming the video. You can download the origional here (~180MB!)

Pictures! Click for larger view! Sorry for the poor quality, I'm not good at taking photos.
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